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Body by Jessica founder and Master Pilates Instructor, Jessica Schatz, uses her unique “Sports-Specific Pilates” method to help professional athletes secure longer, more lucrative sports careers. Jessica’s clients include current and former members of the NBA, NFL, MLB, RFL (UK), and FIBA (Europe).

Pro athletes seek Jessica’s services for help protecting their bodies against sports-related injuries. Blending powerful elements of Pilates with traditional strength and conditioning techniques, Jessica’s approach enhances an athlete’s mobility and stability, keeping them flexible enough to maintain proper joint function and alignment. This combination greatly increases their body’s resistance to muscle fatigue and injury. Jessica uses her expertise in kinesiology and her Sports-Specific Pilates regimen to produce the kind of long-lasting, physiological changes that will ensure her clients live happier, healthier lives during and after their professional careers.

Jessica’s Sports-Specific Pilates training originally generated buzz among the major sports leagues for her ability to help athletes bounce back from career-threatening injuries such as pulled muscles or torn ligaments. Many pro athletes from different disciplines credit Jessica with their ability to return from serious injury without losing their edge. While her rehab work is what originally put her on the map, Jessica’s Sports-Specific Pilates training is much more than just rehab – It’s PREhab. Jessica’s training helps professional athletes build a protective suit of armor around their most valued asset – their bodies. As a result, Jessica’s clients enjoy the type of career longevity they need to leave a lasting legacy in their sport of choice – the ultimate goal for every professional athlete.

About Jessica Schatz:

Jessica Schatz lives in Los Angeles, California, working as a professional Pilates Instructor & athletic trainer for over 20 years. She specializes in Sports-Specific Pilates training for increasing physical longevity. Jessica is the founder and CEO of Body by Jessica, where she operates as a Master Plates Instructor & exercise physiologist both nationally and internationally. She is also a certified JOGA Coach (“Yoga for Jocks”).

Jessica grew up in San Francisco, California, where her passion for dance and all things athletic led her to pursue a successful career as a professional contemporary dancer. In the midst of her 25+ year dancing career, she realized that Pilates, Yoga and strength training were essential for maintaining the resiliency and stamina needed to perform at her best with the most formidable dance companies in the country. As she utilized her expertise in personal training and physical therapy, Jessica began to blend the best elements of these popular modalities to ultimately create the Sports-Specific Pilates method that earned her an exceptional reputation as a Master Pilates Instructor.

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Classical East Coast Pilates:
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All first time sessions include assessment and
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